Centennial Bentley 6-IN-1 Stroller Trike (Limited Edition)

In celebration of 100 years of Bentley excellence, we’ve partnered with Bentley Motors to release this limited edition version of the luxurious Bentley Trike. With only 570 units available, be sure to get your before they’re gone!

This limited edition trike features unique design elements such as a matte black frame, rims and pedals as well as gold stitching, satin detailing and eco-leather touch points. This trike also comes with a cup holder, has a new storage basket that attaches magnetically and a new locking system for the push handle, making it easier to attach/detach.

Included in this limited edition trike are many of the features we’ve come to love on the original Bentley Trike. The Bentley 6-in-1 Stroller/Tricycle is the perfect combination of elegance and function. Like the original trike, the 100 Year Anniversary Bentley Trike now proudly wears the world-famous badge and embodies the commitment to quality and craftsmanship that the Bentley Motor Company has carefully upheld over the years.

Some of the Bentley style features apparent in the stroller/trike are the Bentley Continental GT replica wheels - made from rubber and filled with air to ensure a smooth ride unlike many competitors - Chrome Bentley logo on the metal frame, and the same color finish as the Bentley Continental cars.

Transforming from a stroller to a trike, this product ensures that your infant or toddler is safe and comfortable using it. As they grow, your children can make use of several footrest positions to completely enjoy their time with the Bentley Stroller / Trike.
Ideal for little ones 18 months and older. Converts from a Stroller to a Tricycle!
Yes, we ship to Australia and New Zealand
Yes, we ship to Australia and New Zealand!
Transforms 6 times to grow with your child


The back support can be adjusted in two angels. Parents have total control with the adjustable and removable parent push handles
Stages 1 & 2

18 - 24 months


The seat can also turned 180 degrees. This function and the additional footrests are perfect for infants to start using the tricycle.


The additional footrests are removed. Extra-large canopy has two positions and is made of a 50 UPF waterproof fabric to keep baby wind, rain and harmful sun rays away.
Stages 3 & 4

24 - 36 months


Parents can also fold and unfold the basic footrests and remove the canopy where appropriate.


The parent handle, the footrests and the safety guard are removed to allow children to pedal by themselves.
Stages 5 & 6

36 months and up


The back support, the safety belts and the basket are removed completely for all grown kid fun.

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RMG Limited official distributor of the Bentley 6-in-1 Tricycle & Stroller in China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.
RMG Limited official distributor of the Bentley 6-in-1 Tricycle & Stroller in China, Taiwan, Australia and New Zealand.
Bentley Tricycle are manufactured under license from Bentley Motors Limited, England. And all Copyright and Trademark including Logo are reserved right of Bentley Motors Limited.